2017 – Amor Volcánico

Expo_AmorVolcanico_LowArona, APR. 2017 – Yaron Lambez presents his new solo exhibition under the title “Amor Volcánico” in Centro Cultural Los Cristianos. In this collection, of over 50 paintings, he introduces his latest works, in which he uses new techniques, exploring, feeling absolutely free and just letting the paintings flow. The collection also includes older paintings, through which we can observe the evolution of the emotion and colour through the years.

We invite you all to join the artist on Mondays or Fridays for a little chat and a guided tour through the exhibition. Simply call +34 667 608 083 to sign up for a particular day.

Volcanic Love (28 April – 17 May)

Plaza del Pescador, 1
38650 Arona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Please click the following link to access the detailed price list: Lista Precios.

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