2017 – Summer Collection

Adeje, JUL. 2017 – La Musa presents… A dynamic collection of 100 amazing artworks being constantly renewed. The creative process is 24/7 and our artists are bringing new artworks almost every week. Come visit and let us be your inspiration. Please find below only a small sample of all the incredible creations currently on exhibition in the gallery.


Yaron Lambez, Aixa, Izik Lambez, Simona Peres, Conrado Díaz, Leticia Figueroa, Gilbert de Mulder
Julio Nieto, Juan A. Hernández, Matilde Cánepa, Víctor Reyes, Fran Cruz, Francisco Armas
Phil Crean
Artaps, Inusuall, Musart, Re-Creative, Frank Fernández

Hover the mouse over the image for title and artist details. Clic to enlarge and view full artwork.

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