New Art Exhibiton “Espiritu de Jardin” In Gallery La Musa

Exhibition Espiritu de Jardin

New exposition from great artist Bitte R. Barth Fiane is taking place in the Art Gallery La Musa in Royal Hideaway Corales Suites.

The collection of painting and textil art is full of colours and deep meanings. The author says: “… is about origins and thereby the conditions of human existence. Tales steming from the mythical past up until today. 

In my work, I suggest paths to follow for anyone who is willing and suspecting that life is more than what remains after a quick glance at daily routines. The first step, wether textile or painting, is a composite sensorial urge, a feeling of colours and shapes that give me pleasure and hope.”

Come and see this magnificent work. The exhibition starts this Friday 21st of January and will be expose until the end of February.

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